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A birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth. It is not to be confused with birthdate, which details the exact date a person was born. Known activities during birthdays include holding parties and feasts, as well as supplying the celebrant a birthday cake to share among both themselves and attendees, and also giving gifts to the celebrant. In some cases, birthdays, more accurately the month a birthday falls under, also are utilized as a cipher for a fitting flower, fruit, and stone, known as birth flowers, birth fruits, and birth stones, respectively, and can also determine one's zodiac sign depending on whether said birthday falls under a zodiac period (which, being tied to lunar cycles, does not require it to fall on a specific month).

Usage in the Dead or Alive series[]

Birthdays play an important role in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, where they are the subject of week-long gachas where, upon rolling 5,000 paid V-stones once, the player gets a cake to give to the celebrating girl, which supplies the player with an Extra Episode focusing on that particular girl's birthday of a given year (although unlocking the extra episode does not require giving the cake during the birthday period). During the first year of the game (November 2017-October 2018 in the DMM version, and to a lesser extent May 2019-March 2020 in the Steam version), giving a girl a birthday cake only resulted in the girl being given the extra episodes, and rolling the birthday gacha did not supply any additional bonuses beyond the cake, while the gacha generally had past SSR and SRs for various girls (including paid star coin SSRs for add-on girls). It also was initially limited to one 24-hour period on their birthday.

In the second year, however, rolling in the gacha also supplied 10 candles in the girl's likeness, and also had the cake be utilized as furniture inside the Owner Room, with the gacha itself also allowing for a chance to roll for an exclusive Stellar swimsuit (based on constellations, and in turn alluding to the Tropical Zodiacs that the girls' birthdays' fall under). Similarly, the extra episodes during the first year did not have any additional elements beyond gifting a cake, but in the second year, the episodes also have the owner supplying the birthday girl with the Stellar swimwear as well as photographing them (with the player optionally taking the picture directly). Some of the girls can even get optional SR accessories for their Stellar suits during the birthday periods by either paying 500 character coins in their likeness, or in the case of Tamaki and Ayane, paying 10 candles. In addition, after giving the girl her birthday cake during the event period will allow the player to access via the cake icon on the main menu the girls thanking the owner for celebrating their birthdays with them before blowing out their cake's candles and applauding. In addition, the gacha period was increased from a 24-hour period to a full week (or less than that if two differing birthday girls appear less than a week from each other, such as Kanna and Momiji.). During the final event period of Stellar outfits, the player can also roll for each of the girls' stellar outfits banners up to Kanna for a chance to get their outfit, as well as getting 10 Stellar Candles (which are similar to the Birthday Candles, but colored blue and meant for use specifically in a specific girl's Venus Shop).

The concept was further expanded in the third year, where the player can not only do all the elements introduced in prior years, but upon gifting the cake can also unlock an exclusive event where the player can win 10 character coins upon winning plus 1000 V-stones via an S-rank on each rank barring S-Rank, which instead has the player unlocking a SSR+ "Promise Ring" as well as a pose of the girl showing off their ring (with the pose being automatically placed in their pose options on the camera menu upon being unlocked), as well as the suit's decobromide for S-rank victories. The Promise Ring unlocks an extra episode where the girls are given their promise rings. However, the player is not required to complete the event to get the pose or ring, as it can be gifted to them especially if the player gives them the cake after the event passed. In some cases, the girls' birthday events during this time has an additonal S-ranked match that allows the opportunity to get special SRs fitting the birthday theme. In addition, accessories could also be unlocked if the player fully awakens the birthday swimwear (this time modeled after birthstones). Gemstones act as the currency during Year 3. In addition, with the exception of add-ons such as Luna, Tamaki, Leifang, Fiona, Nagisa, Kanna, Monica, Sayuri, and Patty (which instead only feature their paid SSR as well as their birthday suits), the girls' birthday gachas during year 3 also supply some of their SSR suits, including themed suits shared by all the free girls, with the only known exceptions being those released during a collaboration. In addition, presumably to both add in a Capricorn-themed outfit and compensation for her not being released from the paywall before the third set, Monica also got a second birthday SSR, Stellar Capricorn, in addition to Jewel Garnet, with something similar occurring with Sayuri and Patty. In addition, add-on girls that were released during the third year also had two birthday cakes issued (one for the Jewel gacha, and the other for the Stellar gacha), while the others only had their cakes issued with the Jewel gacha. While the gacha itself retained its week-long time limit, the birthday event itself, provided the player gave the birthday girl her cake, lasts for two weeks. The Golden Hoop Earrings for Leo are also issued if the player not only gets Stellar Leo for the related girl, but also takes a picture of them wearing it. Some girls, such as Monica/Helena, Fiona/Kasumi, Honoka/Sayuri, Misaki/Patty, Ayane/Tamaki, Kanna/Momiji, and Luna/Tsukushi, also had additional S-rank matches that supplied them with both SR accessories, one of which required S-ranking the match (which is extremely difficult short of having the birthday SSR), and in the case of Nagisa/Hitomi, Kanna/Momiji, and Luna/Tsukushi, they only had one SR accessory as the standard reward while the S-rank reward was Venus Coins bearing their respective faces (these particular events were also comparably easy to get S-ranks in). Like in Year 2, Year 3 also features a means to get the Jewel outfits, as well as unlocking a girls' designated Bromide and/or SR accessories by winning a match with them wearing it as Owner tasks, and rolling for them supplies Blue Jewel currency which can be exchanged at the Venus Shop, though unlike the Stellar Candles, they can be exchanged under any Venus Shop even if they didn't belong to the girl the player rolled for. On a similar note, starting with the Jewel suits, all birthday suits are automatically at max stats short of awakenings.

The fourth year merged the Stellar and Jewel SSRs into their own single banner for all girls released prior to that year, and also removed the ability to get any SSR outside of Jewel and Stellar SSRs. In addition, a new theme, Bouquet, modeled after birth flowers, was introduced. The overall mechanics for the birthday event were similar to the Jewel event, with the main difference being that you get a bouquet holder, called the stand of vows, for the Owner Room upon completing A-rank with an S-rank, and also get a bouquet prop, called bouquet of vows, that you can have the girl hold on the main menu as well as a special SSR+ bouquet, also called the bouquet of vows, that's required to unlock the related episodes, and a special SSR decobromide for completing the final match with an S-rank. With the exception of Nanami, Lobelia, and Elise, the player can also grab the ring and related ring pose by giving 10 Birthday Bouquets each, gained by rolling at least once on the birthday banners per roll. Nanami and Lobelia had their Jewel outfits released separately from their birthday episodes from June 17-June 23, being released after and before their respective birthdays. In addition, the matches themselves are similar to birthday matches during Year 2, though the only difference is that, exempting the final round of each of the two festivals, there are no S-rank prizes in the matches below the S-rank match in each of the festivals. Lobelia and Nanami do not get ring extra episodes when gifted with their promise rings, although that being said, they DO get their own event episodes that shared it. Although they are the main focus of the event, any points won during the event do not count towards the event score for the event. On a similar note, Nanami and Lobelia had their Stellar outfits released separately from their birthday episodes from September 16-24, both being released after their respective birthdays. Unlike their Jewel suits, they do not get their own separate matches due to the Stellar birthdays never coming with their own matches, and they do not get their own birthday episodes. Aside from this, all the girls Stellar suits were also rereleased as paid gachas, utilizing the same mechanics as the Stellar festival in 2019 (the only difference being that, exempting Nanami and Lobelia, all the girls get generic starry candles that can be used in any Venus shop regardless of whether they were the ones rolled for), with Monica, Sayuri, Patty, and Tsukushi's Stellar outfits also being added as their own separate gacha. Unlike the Stellar or Jewel outfits, the Bouquet suits do not come with related SRs either in the event shop or as a prize for completing the related birthday matches. Similar to Years 2 and 3, there was a means to get the Bouquet outfits as well as unlocking a girls' designated Bromide and bouquet prop/pose by winning with them wearing it as Owner tasks, and rolling for them supplies bouquet currency which can be exchanged at the Venus Shop. Similar to the Blue Jewels, the bouquet currency can be exchanged under any Venus Shop even if they didn't belong to the girl that was rolled for. All girls except for Tsukushi were issued in this event, with Tsukushi technically having a separate event due to her birthday occurring a day after the start of the event.

The Year 5 birthdays, similar to Year 4, had the Stellar and Jewel outfits relegated to their own separate gachas, and also had bouquet relegated to it's own gacha. The year's theme was Dolce, modeled after Birth Fruits, with the cake issued even being a specially designed cake modeled after the theme, which when gifted unlocks a special birthday episode and event, as well as furniture modeled after the cake. The classically designed cake from prior years is instead relegated to the birthday store that one can collect after rolling once by paying 10 girl dolce currency (with it also having a photospot included for girls released during or around the Dolce year such as Koharu). The only prizes for completing the matches besides 10x character coins and 1000x V-stones for each match up to A (for completing and S-ranking the match, respectively) and a special decobromide modeled after the swimwear upon S-ranking the final match is an SSR+ item called the Spoon of happiness, which like with the bouquet of vows is required to be given to the birthday girl to unlock another episode for her birthday. In addition, the S-rank clear score was increased from 30,000 to 35,000, making it more difficult to get S-rank without the related swimwear. Similar to the Singapore Steam version, it also had daily login bonuses pertaining to the birthday girl, with the first and fourth days having the girls' favorite drinks, the second and fifth days having their favorite foods, the third and sixth days having Venus coins dedicated to the specific character, and the seventh being an awakening stone for exclusive usage for the birthday girl. Like with Bouquet, none of the new girls released during the year have old birthday SSR gachas (ie, they don't have Stellar, Jewel, or Bouquet released during that time). Elise and Koharu did, however, have their Jewel SSR released on June 23-June 28 as part of a separate gacha, similar to Lobelia and Nanami the prior year.

Although not explicitly birthdays due to having unknown birth dates, the characters Nyotengu and Kanna have a similar celebration known as Special Days, including being gifted birthday cakes and (in the case of year 2, 3, and 4), swimwear, rings, and bouquets. Nyotengu in her first special day episode implies that "special day" was the term used by Tengu for what humans called birthdays. Patty also initially had a Special Day episode, although it has turned into a birthday come August 2020. On a similar note, while technically not birthdays themselves, the three-year anniversary gachas for add-on girls utilized a similar gacha mechanic to the birthday gachas in that it relied on paid V-stones and that only the subject of the gacha has any SR or SSR suits unlocked.

With the exception of Year 1 (2017-2018), each themed birthday come early November/late October has a special event that allows the player a last chance to get a particular birthday swimwear. In the fourth year (2020-2021), there was also a minor event festival each day for the eleven days of the overall festival that has pairings of each girl that shares a birthday. The only exceptions are the first day (as Nyotengu and Kokoro, due to being the only birthdays at that time for November and December, respectively, shared that day) and the tenth day (Momiji's absent due to Elise and Kanna being the formal pair, although Momiji does act as a guest if either Elise or Kanna are chosen as a playable girl). If the player wins a match with one of the bouquet outfits, a special match for that day is unlocked.

The Singapore Steam version, while otherwise following the path of the DMM version, released the Stellar swimwear early starting with Nyotengu, and also added presents that can be won during the Birthday/Special Day celebration event matches, with each gifted present to any girl rewarding the player with thank you cards, which can be used in a special event shop menu to purchase the girls' favorite food and drinks as well as character coins. Giving 500 gifts to a birthday girl, if the player has said girl, also awards them with a special banner featuring the birthday girl saying "A Special Owner ♪" or in the case of Nyotengu/Luna, Kokoro/Fiona/Tamaki, Nagisa, and Misaki, "A Special Owner", "A Special Owner ♥", "A Special Dog ♪", and "A Special Owner ★", respectively. Although they can be gifted to any girl, more points are given when supplied to the birthday girl if the player has her. Additional prizes for clearing thresholds are also supplied as well. Giving standard gifts (ie, food and XP-boosting items) to the girls during the first 24 hours of their birthday period will result in an increased likelihood of them supplying gifts to the player as well as a 1.5x increase in XP. On November 2020, they issued the Jewel SSRs starting with Nyotengu, with the only way to get the Stellar episodes being to roll once and then pay with Birthday Jewels. In addition, doing ten matches with the birthday girl will net a new banner stating the birthday girl's Jewel birthday episode (ie, the one the player unlocks by giving them their cake). The player can also get the Stellar banners by paying 20 Venus Coins should they fail to get them in the prior year. Starting with Hitomi during the Jewel year, the girls can also get a Birthday Present Set that comes with 5,000 paid V-stones, a Gift of Love and five each of their favorite foods and drinks. The Jewel birthdays were largely similar, although they removed the A-rank for an additional S-rank event during birthdays with additional accessories, in particular matches with at least one SR accessory, and also upgraded the difficulty of getting certain SR accessories for Nagisa/Hitomi, and to a lesser extent Kanna/Momiji and Luna/Tsukushi. In both the Jewel and Bouquet themes, the player can unlock special nameplates (each named after the title of their main birthday episodes) by having the birthday girl win 10 event matches.

Below is a table listing all the birthdays in Xtreme Venus Vacation. Note that in certain cases, although they never had a birthday in that year, they will nevertheless have a birthday SSR for that year if released afterward, which will be noted. Note that some suits come with additional SR accessories, which will be noted down below. Each color indicates the base primary stats for a suit (red being POW, yellow being STM, and green being TEC).

Name Birthday Year 1 (standard) Year 2 (Stellar) Year 3 (Jewel) Year 4 (Bouquet) Year 5 (Dolce) Year 6
Nyotengu November 19* Yes Yes (Stellar Scorpio) Yes (Jewel Topaz) Yes (Bouquet Camillia) Yes (Dolce Mele) Yes
Kokoro December 1 Yes Yes (Stellar Saggitarius) Yes (Jewel Lapis Lazuli) Yes (Bouquet Cattleya) Yes (Dolce Orange) Yes
Tina Armstrong December 6 No No No No No ********** Yes
Koharu December 22 No No No (Jewel Lapis Lazuli)************ No Yes (Dolce Orange) Yes
Monica January 1 No No (Stellar Capricorn; Reed Bracelet; Capricorn Headband******) Yes (Jewel Garnet; Fertility Armband; Garnet Earrings*******) Yes (Bouquet Cymbidium) Yes (Dolce Framboise) Yes
Helena Douglas January 30 Yes Yes (Stellar Aquarius) Yes (Jewel Garnet; Fertility Armband; Garnet Earrings*******) Yes (Bouquet Cymbidium) Yes (Dolce Framboise) Yes
Fiona February 11 Yes** Yes (Stellar Aquarius) Yes (Jewel Amethyst; Protective Arm Band; Purple Crystal Earrings*******) Yes (Bouquet Freesia) Yes (Dolce Strawberry) Yes
Kasumi February 23 Yes Yes (Stellar Pisces) Yes (Jewel Amethyst; Protective Arm Band; Purple Crystal Earrings*******) Yes (Bouquet Freesia) Yes (Dolce Strawberry) Yes
Honoka March 24 Yes Yes (Stellar Aries; Aries Horn) Yes (Jewel Aquamarine) Yes (Bouquet Lale) Yes (Dolce Mango) Yes
Sayuri March 31 No No (Stellar Aries; Aries Horn) Yes (Jewel Aquamarine) Yes (Bouquet Lale) Yes (Dolce Mango) Yes
Nanami April 16 No No (Stellar Aries; Aries Horn)********* No (Jewel Diamond)******** Yes (Bouquet Alstroemeria)*********** Yes (Dolce Melon) Yes
Leifang April 23 No Yes (Stellar Taurus; Elnath Horns) Yes (Jewel Diamond) Yes (Bouquet Alstroemeria) Yes (Dolce Melon) Yes
Nagisa May 5 No Yes (Stellar Taurus; Elnath Horns)*** Yes (Jewel Emerald; Emerald Earrings) Yes (Bouquet Carnation) Yes (Dolce Banane) Yes
Hitomi May 25 Yes Yes (Stellar Gemini; Gemini Ring) Yes (Jewel Emerald; Emerald Earrings) Yes (Bouquet Carnation) Yes (Dolce Banane) Yes
Marie Rose June 6 Yes Yes (Stellar Gemini; Gemini Ring) Yes (Jewel Pearl) Yes (Bouquet Rose) Yes (Dolce Cherry) Yes
Amy June 18 No No No No Yes (Dolce Cherry) Yes
Lobelia June 25 No No (Stellar Cancer; An natra bracelet)********* No (Jewel Pearl)******** Yes (Bouquet Rose) Yes (Dolce Cherry) Yes
Misaki July 7 Yes Yes (Stellar Cancer; An natra bracelet) Yes (Jewel Ruby; Sunflower Bracelet; Ruby Earring*******) Yes (Bouquet Hibiscus) Yes (Dolce Pine) Yes
Patty July 31**** No No (Stellar Leo; Lion Hairpin; Golden Hoop Earrings*****) Yes (Jewel Ruby; Sunflower Bracelet; Ruby Earring*******) Yes (Bouquet Hibiscus) Yes (Dolce Pine) Yes
Ayane August 5 Yes Yes (Stellar Leo; Lion Hairpin; Golden Hoop Earrings*****) Yes (Jewel Peridot; Olive Bracelet; Peridot Earring*******) Yes (Bouquet Lisianthus) Yes (Dolce Peach) Yes
Tamaki August 19 Yes Yes (Stellar Leo; Lion Hairpin; Golden Hoop Earrings*****) Yes (Jewel Peridot; Olive Bracelet; Peridot Earring*******) Yes (Bouquet Lisianthus) Yes Yes
Elise September 3 No No No (Jewel Sapphire; Sapphire Earrings)************ Yes (Bouquet Dahlia) Yes Yes
Kanna September 15* No Yes (Stellar Virgo; Virgo Tiara) Yes (Jewel Sapphire; Sapphire Earrings) Yes (Bouquet Dahlia) Yes Yes
Momiji September 20 Yes Yes (Stellar Virgo; Virgo Tiara) Yes (Jewel Sapphire; Sapphire Earrings) Yes (Bouquet Dahlia) Yes Yes
Luna October 15 Yes Yes (Stellar Libra) Yes (Jewel Opal; Rainbow Stone Earrings) Yes (Bouquet Cosmos) Yes Yes
Tsukushi October 24 No No (Stellar Scorpio) Yes (Jewel Opal; Rainbow Stone Earrings) Yes (Bouquet Cosmos) Yes Yes

* Special Day

** Singapore Steam version only

*** Identified as Mystery Venus during the initial part of the event in the Steam version.

**** Started off as a Special Day, although by the August update, it became her actual birthday.

***** The Golden Hoop Earrings were separately supplied from the other SR accessories, namely either by paying 10 Birthday Candles/Stellar Candles (Year 2) or otherwise requiring Stellar Leo to be unlocked/awakened and winning a match with it (Year 3).

****** Can only be unlocked by gaining Stellar Capricorn, awakening it, and then winning any match with it.

******* This is unlocked by getting an S-rank in one of the S-rank matches during the related birthday event matches [Year 2] or unlocking the birthday suit itself [Year 3 onward].

******** The Jewel birthday outfits for Nanami and Lobelia, and by extension their birthday rings were first released on June 17-23, 2021 as a separate paid Gacha.

********* The Stellar birthday outfits for Nanami and Lobelia were first released on September 16-24, 2021 as a separate paid Gacha.

********** Although Tina is released during Year 5, she won't be released until sometime in 2022, after her birthday had passed (see trivia for more details).

*********** DMM/Japanese Steam Version only, as Singapore Steam version skipped her Bouquet birthday until a future date.

************ The Jewel birthday outfits for Elise and Koharu were first released on June 23-28, 2022 as a separate paid Gacha.

Aside from the celebration of girls birthdays, logging in during the player's own inputted birthday will have the girls give their own birthday salutations. In addition, during the first anniversary, Honoka also considered singing happy birthday to the boss when trying to decide with Marie Rose and Nyotengu regarding entertainment to celebrate the occasion, although Marie Rose shot down the idea after reminding Honoka that it wasn't the boss's birthday they were celebrating. Honoka also wished the festival itself a happy birthday in her mission quote for the same event. During the second anniversary in the Singapore Steam version, although technically not a birthday in itself, the event was updated from the DMM version to include a gift-giving aspect similar to that of the game's stellar birthdays.


  • Nyotengu, Kanna, and Patty's special day dates, November 19, September 15, and July 31, fall around the dates of the release of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, and the fighting game round table livestream that Shimbori was involved in, respectively (though the latter occurs on August 1).
    • Of the three, Patty is the only one to be a human, as the other two were varying supernatural creatures in Japanese mythology (Nyotengu being a tengu, and Kanna being an oni/ogre), and she's the only one to have her special day be changed to an actual birthday afterward. She implies in the main Special Day and ring episodes that her having a special day was largely because she was initially unaware of what a birthday was even though locals at her island celebrated it.
      • On a similar note, Nagisa in the Singapore Steam version had her full data, including her birthday, unveiled on her birthday, thus technically making her the only girl to both initially lack Birthday data and not have a Special Day.
  • In some of the Year 2 birthdays, the girls directly reference the origins of their astrological signs:
    • In Nyotengu's birthday episode "After the party ♥", Nyotengu, recognizing the name "Scorpio" from one of Kasumi's fortune telling hobbies, said it was a creature that killed a mighty hero with poison, referring to how in several Greek myths, the hero Orion ended up ultimately killed by a monster known as Scorpio via being stabbed and injected with poison before Zeus interfered and had Orion and Scorpio become constellations, with the one responsible for dispatching Scorpio being either being Artemis and Leto in response to his boast of planning to kill every animal on Earth, or his twin brother Apollo in response to Orion's admission that Artemis was a superior hunter to him, depending on the version of the myth told.
    • In Kokoro's birthday episode "Because it's Saggitarius…", Kokoro briefly cracks a joke about whether or not she pierced the Owner's heart by wearing her Stellar swimsuit, alluding to how Saggitarius was known in the myths as a master archer.
    • In Kasumi's birthday episode "Keep Watching Over Me", when Kasumi reveals her horoscope is Pisces, she explains that the origin of Pisces was Aphrodite and Eros transformed into fish.
      • On a similar note, after the photoshoot in the same episode, she mentions she always has a dream where she is a mermaid and how she longed for that freedom, referring to her Dead or Alive 4 ending as well as its intended meaning by Tomonobu Itagaki.
    • Although not a direct reference to the constellation or its origins, Honoka's birthday episode "The Best Gift" has her briefly counting as well as shortly afterwards referring to herself as Sheep Honoka and stating she was there to help the Owner get to sleep, which was a subtle reference to both Aries' similarities to a sheep and the mental exercise for going to sleep, counting sheep.
    • In Leifang's birthday episode "Which One Am I?", Leifang mentions two versions of the Taurus the Bull myth where one has a god turning himself into a bull and making off with a girl that caught his fancy, and another where he turned a human girl into a bull to cover up infidelity, and said god was the same one both times. This was a reference to two separate Greek myths involving the god Zeus and his womanizing behavior, with the former involving Europa, and the other involving Io, respectively. However, her telling of the latter myth was technically inaccurate as Zeus actually turned Io into a cow.
    • In Hitomi's birthday episode "Together Forever", she had heard from someone else about the Gemini myth about two twins wanting to remain together forever, and eventually getting their wish by being turned into a constellation. However, she erroneously implies that the Judeo-Christian God was the one who transfigured the pair of twins into the constellation in her recitation of the myth due to referring to God as if it were a proper name, when it was actually the Greek god Zeus who did so.
    • In both Luna's birthday episode "A New Discovery." and the event episode "Stargazing", Luna specifically references Libra as being the scales of justice used by the Greek Goddess of Justice Astraea.
  • Some of the Year 3 birthdays are mentioned to have additional themes to a girl's Jewel birthday swimwear besides birth stones, usually subject matter that relates in some fashion to the representing Jewel:
    • Kokoro's Lapis Lazuli swimwear is implicitly compared to the sky in her ring episode, owing to the gem's blue color.
    • Kasumi's Amethyst swimwear, and to a much lesser extent Fiona's Amethyst swimwear, was compared by the Owner and Kasumi herself to that of Bacchus, the Greek god of Wine, due to Amethyst being believed to have been created from his wine making contact with colorless crystals. The suit even has it changing color upon contact with water as a direct reference to Bacchus.
    • Honoka and Sayuri directly compared their Aquamarine Swimwear to Cliones, also known as Sea Angels, as well as angels as a whole, largely because the stone shared the same color as the former's aquatic habitat.
    • Although not actually done on her birthday, Nanami's Diamond swimwear was compared during small talk with Lobelia to a bride alongside her own Pearl swimwear. Leifang's outfit was also indirectly compared to a bride in her ring episode.
    • Nagisa's Emerald swimwear, and to a lesser extent Hitomi's was specifically mentioned to be based on that of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra due to her status as having unrivalled beauty and her as well as Ancient Egypt in general's ties to Emeralds (the latter due to Emeralds being the symbol for life in that civilization).
    • Marie Rose's Pearl swimwear was compared to a princess and also a bride by the Owner, with Marie Rose taking it to heart enough that she attempted to act dignified in it. Although not actually done on her birthday, Lobelia made a similar comparison to brides regarding her Pearl swimsuit in a discussion with Nanami while waiting for the Owner to arrive as well as specifically referencing the concept of June Brides, and to a lesser extent Nanami's Diamond swimsuit, and admits that aristocratic marriages rarely are happy.
    • Misaki's Ruby swimwear, and to a lesser extent Patty's swimwear, was deliberately modeled after the sun, and to a lesser extent Sunflowers.
    • Momiji's Sapphire swimwear, and to a lesser extent Kanna's swimwear, was patterned after the starry sky.
    • Luna and Tsukushi's Opal swimwear was modeled after Angels/Cupids, in reference to its moniker as the "gem of angels" and the "cupid stone", and to a lesser extent rainbows, owing to how Opal technically has multiple colors depending on the lighting.
  • In the Singapore Steam version of Leifang's debut event Wish Upon a Star and Nagisa's Rival Festival: Two Big Sisters, an additional scene is inserted in the beginning featuring Leifang picking up a volleyball and wishing she could stay forever and Nagisa admiring a photograph of her younger sister in Stellar Cancer before cutting to a narration saying the following episodes took place two months and a month beforehand, respectively. This was most likely because at the time they aired in the DMM version, they aired around the time of Misaki's birthday, which occurred on Tanabata, and either was a major role in the event (Leifang), or was directly referenced nearing the end (Nagisa). In the case of the latter, it also has a scene added to the ending of the episode.
  • According to Sakuta D. during the third anniversary livestream and other sources relating to the event, when designing the Stellar concepts, they had run out of ideas midway through the event period.
  • Largely because of Monica being released for free during the second anniversary, and by extension, the ending of the Stellar line of birthday outfits, Capricorn is the only Tropical Zodiac to not get its own birthday episode.
  • In the DMM version, the add-on girls' birthdays tend to be released after they are released from the paywall, with the only exceptions being Patty (due to her extended paywall period thanks to COVID-19 as well as initially being given a Special Day), Tsukushi (whose birthday occurred shortly after her second paid event, likely for the same reason as Patty), Nanami (due to her birthday occurring right after her debut event), Elise, Koharu (due to it occurring shortly after her 2nd paid SSR), and Amy (due to her birthday occurring between her first and second paid SSRs). Sakuta D. implied in Famitsu when explaining tidbits about Koharu and new girls in general during the fourth anniversary that this was because the COVID-19 lockdowns interfered with the girls' release schedules. By contrast, the Singapore Steam version has the girls birthdays occurring before being released from the paywall, with the only exceptions being Luna, Leifang, Tina, and Nanami (the latter largely because she was released slightly later than usual due to Tina's early inclusion).
    • On a similar note, largely because of the birthday event episodes being changed to reset around the time of Nyotengu's Special Day when it got to the Jewel year in the Singapore Steam version, Nyotengu, Kokoro, Helena, Kasumi, and Honoka's Stellar birthday episodes required purchasing them from the VIP shop during their birthdays.
  • In Leifang's promise ring episode, when she discovers the Owner supplied her with a ring, she reacts in a hesitant manner and demands to know if the Owner is joking and scolds him due to it being a serious matter, and ultimately accepts the ring after realizing he was serious, rationalizing that you don't need romance to have a bond with someone. Her hesitance was most likely an indirect reference to her romantic relationship to Jann Lee.
    • On a similar note, in Ayane's ring episode, Ayane jokingly asks the Owner upon getting the ring if he was going to "pop the question", a reference to marriage proposals.
    • The concept of promise rings acting as a form of engagement rings as can be seen in sources such as Azur Lane. However, unlike in Azur Lane, it is left ambiguous as to whether the DOAXVV characters actually got married to the owner upon being gifted (with only Nyotengu giving any indication that they've actually married).
  • The various bouquet outfits during Year 4 have a strong resemblance to wedding gown attire of various cultures due to most of them (with the exception of Alstromelia and Rose [Rosen in the Japanese version]) having large portions of the outfits appearing white or a similar light color, with several of the characters even noting the resemblance.
    • In the case of Kasumi and Fiona's Freesia outfits, it was confirmed that they were modeled after wedding gowns, more specifically Shiromukus (Japanese wedding dresses). In both cases, the girls were taken aback at this more overt design.
  • Although in-game, the girls' birthday cakes pre-Year 5 share the same design (double-layer white frosted cake with chocolate cookies on top resembling the double heart Venus Festival logo), they apparently were customized to suit the specific birthday girl, as can be implied by Luna's second and third year Stellar and Jewel birthday episodes "A New Discovery" and "The Gem I Discovered", respectively where she mentioned that her cake either was a Sweet Potato Cake or had Roasted Potatoes in it and was impressed the Owner managed to pull it off in the latter instance.
  • Even though Tina was confirmed to be released during Year 5 of the game, she will not have her birthday during that time due to needing to be developed for a little while longer.[1] Sakuta implied in the Fourth Anniversary Famitsu interview that part of the reason for the delay involved the COVID-19 lockdowns messing up the various girls' release schedules.[2]
  • Concept art for the Bouquet birthday outfits were included in the Famitsu coverage for the game's fourth anniversary.

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