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Bijin Tokei (美人時計, Beauty Clock) is a digital clock application for the iPhone available only in Japan; instead of a traditional clock face, the application shows a picture of a girl holding a placard with the current time written upon it. The image is updated every minute with a new girl holding the correct time.

Most Bijin Tokei images are shot by staff members on the streets of Tokyo and feature random girls that the staff photograph. However, some images are used as promotional stunts for various media, showing fictional female characters from popular series to advertise products. In this trend, to celebrate the release of Dead or Alive Paradise, from April 1 through to April 30, 2010, Kasumi and Hitomi appeared as placard girls on the Bijin Tokei application, poping-up at least 10 seperate times throughout the day. This made Bijin Tokei the first software not produced by Koei Tecmo to feature Dead or Alive characters, and was followed years later by some Senran Kagura games and plenty of mobile games.





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