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The following are the costumes available to Bayman in the 2001 Xbox title, Dead or Alive 3.

When the North American version of the game was originally released, Bayman only had three costumes available to him (though one was an alternate costume). With the release of the Japanese and PAL versions, Bayman gained one new unlockable costume, and North America was able to obtain it through the Booster Disc/Pack.

Image Description North America (3.0) Japan (3.1) and PAL (3.2)
DOA3 Bayman C1 Costume 1 - Orange army vest with a black T-shirt, urban camouflage pants, combat boots, red Spetsnaz beret, a dog tag, and a pair of leather gloves.

(Originally his first costume from the arcade version of the first Dead or Alive.)

Default Default
DOA3 Bayman C1x Costume 1 - Brown T-shirt with brown camouflage pants, combat boots, blue beret, a dog tag, and a pair of leather gloves.

(Originally his second costume from the arcade version of Dead or Alive.)

Press Xboxx when selecting costume 1 Press Xboxx when selecting costume 1
DOA3 Bayman C2 Costume 2 - Grey turtleneck sweater with a matching knit cap, light grey pants, combat boots, a pair of leather gloves, a handgun holster which carries a pistol, and a leather scabbard which carries a combat knife.
He also has two black lines drawn across his face and cheek.
Default Default
DOA3 Bayman C3 Costume 3 - Black-and-purple scuba suit with swimfins, a pair of goggles, a rebreather which is worn on his back, and a gun holster which carries a submachine gun.

(This costume is a redesign of his fourth costume from the Sega Saturn version of Dead or Alive.)

Download from the Booster Disc, which is found in the Official Xbox Magazine.
Download from the Booster Pack in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate.
Get 10+ wins in Survival Mode 3 times.
Obtain an Xbox in Survival Mode.


  • Bayman's second costume is worn by him in his Dead or Alive 3 ending.

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