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The following is the command list for Bankotsubo (Tengu) in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate.

Move Type of Move Command Damage Height Listed in Exercise
Wakuran-Bo Attack PunchPunchPunch Yes
Karan-Bo Attack PunchPunch4 / BackPunch Yes
Koma-Kagura Attack PunchPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Oni-Guma Attack PunchPunchKick2 / DownKick Yes
Dakkoku Attack PunchKick Yes
Zenki Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardPunch Yes
Goki Attack 4 / BackPunch Yes
Kijin-No-Tachi Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Juzu-Kumade Attack 1 / Down-BackPunchPunchPunch Yes
Mizu-Uchi Attack 8 / UpKick Yes
Tsuru-Guruma Attack 6 / ForwardKick Yes
Iwa-Kezuri Attack 4 / BackKick Yes
Tsuchi-Gumo Attack 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardKick2 / DownKick Yes
Kome-Tsuki Attack KickKick Yes
Hiki-Mawari-Nami Attack 3 / Down-ForwardKickKickKick Yes
Koboshi-Inago Attack 7 / Up-BackKickPunch Yes
Yoroi-Uchi Attack PunchPlusKick Yes
Nowaki Attack 4 / BackPunchPlusKickPunch Yes
Madoi-Nowaki Attack 4 / BackPunchPlusKickFree Yes
Hane-Ogama Attack 2 / DownFreePlusKickKick Yes
Midare-Goma Attack Hold 2 / DownFreePlusKickKickKick Yes
Ogama-No-Mai Attack FreePlusKick Yes
Mawari-Nami Attack (To foe behind) 8 / UpKick No
Hiten-No-Justu Attack (While jumping) PunchPlusKick Yes
Yobi-Modoshi Throw FreePlusPunch Yes
Kasha-Baba Throw (When foe's back faces a slope) FreePlusPunch No
Tonbi-Dako Throw 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Tengu-Tsubute Throw (Next to wall) 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunchPunch No
Jodo-Okuri Throw 41236 / Half-circle ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Tsuma-Dori Throw (To foe's back) FreePlusPunch Yes
Tatsumaki-Kake-Otoshi Throw (To foe's back) 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Tsukami-Nage Throw (To crouching foe) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Monomi-Yagura Throw (To crouching foe) 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Kiri-Kaeshi Throw (To crouching foe's back) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Ami-Uchi Hold (Against foe's high punch) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Shishi-Odoshi Hold (Against foe's high kick) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Soto-Muso Hold (Against foe's middle punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Ito-Guruma Hold (Against foe's middle kick) 6 / ForwardFree Yes
Tai-Otoshi Hold (Against foe's low punch) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Ara-Habaki Hold (Against foe's low kick) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Kui-Uchi Down Attack (To knocked-down foe) 8 / UpPunchPlusKick Yes
Kazafuki-Garasu Down Attack (To knocked-down foe) 8 / UpFreePlusPunchPlusKick Yes
Shiko-Fumi Down Attack (To knocked-down foe) 2 / DownKick Yes
Tonbo-Gaeri Special Move 7 / Up-BackPunch Yes
Karasu-Tobi Special Move 9 / Up-ForwardPunchPunchPunch Yes
Appeal: "Rat!" Special Move 4 / Back6 / Forward4 / BackFreePlusPunchPlusKick Yes
Appeal: "Energy!" Special Move 2 / Down2 / DownFreePlusPunchPlusKick Yes

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