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Azur Lane (アズールレーン, Azūru Rēn) is a franchise originating from a hit Chinese mobile side-scrolling shoot-em-up game featuring anthropomorphic "shipgirls" set in an alternate World War II timeline. In November and December 2020, the game had a collaboration with Dead or Alive – specifically, with Xtreme Venus Vacation – entitled Vacation Lane and including seven DOA characters becoming available as limited-edition shipgirls.


Azur Lane is the fourth mobile game outside the franchise to collaborate with Dead or Alive and include its characters following Destiny Child, Senran Kagura New Link and Alice Gear Aegis. It also was released around the same time as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 collaboration. Dead or Alive is also the sixth Azur Lane collaboration following ones with Bilibili, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Utawarerumono, plus two virtual YouTuber collaborations (first Kizuna AI and then Hololive Productions). It also acts as one of the few crossover events to not have a collaboration in a Dead or Alive game itself and one of the few to have a one-sided collaboration overall (as various anime-based collaborations in Xtreme Venus Vacation were not included in the anime themselves.).


In a mechanic that Azur Lane shares with the DOAX games, characters may be given food in between battles, which in Azur Lane has the effect of passively increasing experience gained and morale.

Azur Lane also includes an oath/marriage mechanic not yet seen in DOA (although Years 3 and 4 of Xtreme Venus Vacation does feature a similar concept with Promise Rings and Bouquet of Vows, respectively on the girls' birthdays, it does not directly indicate they are married). When a shipgirl reaches 100 Affection, the player may give her a Promise Ring, which increases stats, unlocks special dialogue and may also unlock a costume and its corresponding image.

In keeping with DOAX, Volleyball Scrimmage was included as a quick-time mini-game during the collaboration and was played to 5 points, with items available as rewards.


All seven DOA characters were listed as part of the Venus Vacation collaboration nation.

Character Ship
Rarity Ship Page
(AL Wiki)
Kasumi Heavy Cruiser Super Rare Link
Marie Rose Destroyer Super Rare Link
Honoka Battleship Super Rare Link
Misaki Light Cruiser Super Rare Link
Monica Light Cruiser Elite Link
Nagisa Battleship Elite Link
Nyotengu Aircraft Carrier Elite Link


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