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The following article lists the official command list for Ayane, as shown in the PlayStation remake of the first Dead or Alive.

All of the characters' command lists can be viewed only in the game's Training Mode.

Move Type of Move Command Damage Height
Twin Upper Combo Attack PunchPunchPunch
Round Slicer Combo Attack PunchPunchKick
Heaven's Combo Attack PunchKickKick
Earth's Combo Attack PunchKick2 / DownKick
Dart Shot Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardPunch6 / ForwardKick
Dragon Dance Attack 4 / BackPunch4 / BackPunch
Land Mine Attack 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardPunchHold 2 / DownKick
Spiral Axe Attack 2 / Down1 / Down-Back4 / BackPunchKick
Spiral Cutter Attack 2 / Down1 / Down-Back4 / BackPunch2 / DownKick
Double Spear Attack 6 / ForwardKickKick
Double Arrow Attack 6 / ForwardKick2 / DownKick
Dragon Tail Attack 9 / Up-ForwardKick
Crescent Edge Attack 7 / Up-BackKick
Round Slicer Attack HoldPlusKick
Rolling Breeze Attack 3 / Down-ForwardHoldPlusKick
Ground Arrow Attack 2 / DownHoldPlusKick
Gale Knife Attack PunchPlusKickPunchPunch
Gale Edge Attack PunchPlusKickPunch7 / Up-BackKick
Gale Cutter Attack PunchPlusKickPunch2 / DownKick
Air Drill Attack 2 / Down3 / Down-Forward6 / ForwardKick
Ayane Cyclone Attack HoldPlusPunchPlusKick
Mirror Image Special Move 8 / UpHold
Gale Knife Dance Attack (Back) PunchPunch4 / BackPunchPunchPunch
Gale Edge Dance Attack (Back) PunchPunch4 / BackPunchPunch7 / Up-BackKick
Gale Cutter Dance Attack (Back) PunchPunch4 / BackPunchPunch2 / DownKick
Spiral Axe Dance Attack (Back) PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunchKick
Spiral Cutter Dance Attack (Back) PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunch2 / DownKick
Shadow Edge Attack (Back) 7 / Up-BackKick
Spinning Knife Attack (Back) 4 / BackPunch
Spinning Cutter Attack (Back) 1 / Down-BackPunch2 / DownKick
Spiral Knife Attack (Back) 8 / UpPunch
Ripple Cutter Attack (Back) 2 / DownHoldPlusKick
Maple Drop Throw HoldPlusPunch
Butterfly Dream Throw 2 / Down1 / Down-Back4 / BackHoldPlusKick
Misty Illusion Throw 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPlusKick
Air-Stream Throw 2 / Down3 / Down-Forward6 / ForwardPunch
Dark Swallow Throw (To crouching foe) 2 / DownHoldPlusPunch
Snow Knife Hold 6 / ForwardHold
Brocade Hold 6 / Forward3 / Down-Forward2 / DownHold
Snowslide Hold 2 / Down3 / Down-Forward6 / ForwardHold
Dropping Icicle Hold (In Snowslide) 8 / Up8 / UpHoldPlusPunchPlusKick
Frost Knife Hold (To crouching foe) 3 / Down-ForwardHold
Wind Circle Hold (Against foe's middle kick) 2 / Down1 / Down-Back4 / BackHold
No Kidding! Special Move 6 / Forward4 / Back6 / Forward (4 / Back6 / Forward4 / Back) HoldPlusPunchPlusKick n/a n/a

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