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The following are the costumes available to Ayane in the 2003 title, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

Ayane has a total of thirty-six costumes in her collection, and which vary from bikinis to sukumizu.

Three of the costumes are only available as gifts from Zack, while the remaining thirty-three can be bought in the Sports Shop, with the total cost of the buyable costumes being 4,755,000 Zack Dollars.

The player can then choose to offer the costumes as presents to the other characters, however whether they accept them or not depends on their preferences and on how well they regard the player.

Image Name Price Description
DOAXBVAinsel Ainsel 370,000 Black, halterneck, one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXApsaras Apsaras 125,000 White-and-blue tank top with a pair of grey denim hot pants.
DOAXAriel Ariel 80,000 White-and-blue striped tank top with a pair of grey patterned bikini bottoms.
DOAXBanshee Banshee 30,000 Purple bandeaukini.
DOAXCaitSith Cait Sith 5,000 Pink, halterneck bikini with a dark pink polka dot pattern.
DOAXBVDrac Drac 270,000 Grey patterned, halterneck bikini with a deep brown sheer fabric tank top.
DOAXDryas Dryas 10,000 Black-and-white striped one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXEcho Echo 550,000 One-piece sukumizu with a name tag on the chest.

(Note: Depending on who wears the sukumizu, their name will either be written in hiragana (for Kasumi and Ayane), or katakana (for the remaining six characters) on the name tag.)

DOAXElf Elf 125,000 Burnt orange tank top with a pair of grey denim hot pants.
DOAXFay Fay 30,000 Black bandeaukini.
DOAXGnome Gnome 50,000 Black tank top with white stripes across the chest, and a pair of matching hot pants.
DOAXGruagach Gruagach 270,000 Dark green plaid, halterneck bikini with a white sheer fabric tank top.
DOAXKikimora Kikimora 5,000 Grey patterned, halterneck bikini.
Lamina doax Lamina 5,000 Blue, halterneck bikini with a bunny logo and the text "Bad Girl" on the left cup, and three crosses on the front of the bikini bottom.
DOAXMaridah Maridah 125,000 Pink tank top with a pair of grey denim hot pants.
DOAXMeliae Meliae 80,000 Fruit-patterned tank top with the text "Kiss Me" on the front, and a pair of blue-and-yellow bikini bottoms.
DOAXMermaid Mermaid Gift from Zack Rainbow-colored bikini.
DOAXMerrow Merrow 65,000 Red, halterneck bikini top with a pair of black shorts.
DOAXMorgan Morgan 270,000 White, black, magenta, and purple striped, halterneck bikini with a purple sheer fabric tank top.
DOAXNaias Naias 10,000 Teal one-piece swimsuit with the image of blue flowers.
DOAXNeck Neck 125,000 Rainbow-colored tank top with a pair of grey denim hot pants.
DOAXNereis Neries 10,000 Dark blue one-piece swimsuit with the image of indigo flowers.
DOAXNixie Nixie 65,000 Deep grey, halterneck bikini top with a pair of off-white shorts.
DOAXNymph Nymph 5,000 Purple patterned halterneck bikini.
DOAXOreas Oreas 10,000 Navy blue one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXBVPixie Pixie 370,000 Pale purple, halterneck, one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXRaccoon Raccoon Gift from Zack Brown faux fur bandeaukini with a tanuki tail, and a pair of matching tanuki ears.
DOAXRoane Roane 475,000 One-piece sukumizu.
DOAXRousalka Rousalka 30,000 White bandeaukini.
DOAXSalamander Salamander 50,000 Orange tank top with white stripes across the chest, and a pair of matching hot pants.
DOAXSelky Selky 270,000 Purple patterned, halterneck bikini with a black sheer fabric tank top.
DOAXShylph Shylph 80,000 Grey striped tank top with a pair of purple patterned bikini bottoms.
DOAXSiren Siren Gift from Zack Blue denim, halterneck bikini with white frills and a red belt.
DOAXBVSpriggan Spriggan 370,000 White, halterneck, one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXUndine Undine 50,000 Blue tank top with green stripes across the chest, and a pair of matching hot pants.
DOAXBVWildeFrau Wilde Frau 370,000 Red, halterneck, one-piece swimsuit with three heart-shaped holes that run down the spine.


  • Ayane has the least expensive collection in the game.
  • The costumes (with the exception of Raccoon) are named after mythological creatures.
  • The initial swimwear that Ayane starts off in is Nymph.
  • Echo and Lamina are available as buyable swimsuits in the real world.
  • Apsaras, Naias, Rousalka, and Shylph are misspellings of the following creatures, "Apsara", "Naiad", "Rusalka", and "Sylph".
    • Morgan is an alternate spelling of "Morgen", a Welsh and Breton water spirit.
    • Oreas is an alternate spelling of "Oread", a mountain nymph in Greek mythology.
    • Selky is an alternate spelling of "Selkie", a mythological creature found in Irish, Scottish, Faroese, and Icelandic folklore.
  • Neck and Nixie are the same water spirits in Germanic mythology.

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