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Amy is a young woman who appeared in the April 4, 2022 livestream and later the April 5 update for Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation in the DMM and Japanese Steam versions.



Amy has fair skin, blonde hair worn in low pigtails with hair clips on the left, and green eyes. Her outfit consists of a black and red one-piece strapless swimsuit with digital circuit-like details beneath a short blue denim jacket with red and black plaid trim that she wears off-the-shoulder, and brown sandals with straps at the lower parts of her legs. Her accessories include red and black headphones, a black choker, and a light brown necklace with five gold square pieces and a jade green stone to match the one on the silver round piece attached by a brown band on her left leg.



Amy is a name of the Old French name Amée meaning "beloved" (modern French aimée), a vernacular form of the Latin Amata.

Amy is also the diminutive of Amelia (from the Germanic amal meaning "work") which is spelled Amélie in French. In the same vein, it can also be the diminutive of Amanda (Latin she who must/is loved).



Luna and Amy went to the same graduate school in the past, although they rarely interacted with each other due to having differing fields of study – Luna with cultural anthropology and folklore, while Amy focused on computer networking and engineering – and partly due to Luna's self-absorbed nature. They briefly interacted once during a party, although because Amy seemed bored during the event while Luna was singing, Luna took it to heart to make sure she practiced singing in the next event they encountered each other in order to ensure she was entertained. They failed to get their names during this time.

They later reunited at the Venus Islands around the time of Amy's arrival when Patty brought Luna to her, due to Amy needing someone who had a thorough knowledge of the history of the island. Amy requested that they work together to study the history of the island, although Luna reluctantly refused, already having a busy schedule, instead providing her with a book on the history of the island with commentary that Amy found extremely useful. Amy ultimately regretted not having a full conversation with Luna, but put it aside due to being on the job. It is initially left ambiguous as to whether Luna actually remembered Amy from their time at grad school or not, although Luna later revealed she did indeed remember her, and that if anything, her earlier busy schedule entailed doing singing practice specifically to ensure Amy was entertained this time compared to at the party. They then, after learning Amy was upset that they failed to properly introduce themselves at the party, proceeded to do so.


Patty met Amy as part of an assignment by the Owner for the latter to get promotional reports about the island, including surveying. Patty was initially confused as to what promotional reports were, but Amy proceeded to explain the concept to her in terms she understood. She ultimately managed to run off without Amy, and regrouped with her after completing her task and having everyone participate among each other, impressing Amy. When Amy expressed interest in finding a way to learn more about the Venus Islands themselves, Patty took her to Luna due to her being the "local scholar" and introduced her, unaware of their prior history from grad school.


Amy met Tsukushi after she ended up separated from Patty regarding surveys, and attempted to ask questions about the island. However, it initially got off on the wrong foot when Tsukushi started obsessing over Amy's Venus status and taking particular note of Amy's headsets. Eventually, after properly explaining herself, Tsukushi alongside Hitomi proceeded to help her with her task of researching island attractions, largely due to her exploring the island to draw scenery for her manga attempt. Eventually, they went to a restaurant on a cliffside after a hike, with Amy hoping they'd work together again.


Amy met Hitomi after her initial failed introduction with Tsukushi. After explaining her current assignment, Hitomi proceeded to help her with her task of researching island attractions, largely due to her experience in exploring the island as part of training for Karate. She eventually convinced them to train via a hike. Eventually, they went to a restaurant on a cliffside afterward, with Amy hoping they'd work together again on a more free schedule.


Tamaki met Amy during the latter's welcoming party, although Amy was creeped out by her more flamboyant greeting. Tamaki later directed her as well as Helena to a seat so they could learn more about Amy. It was presumably during this time that Tamaki revealed she was a famous fashion designer, with Amy taking note of that regarding herself. After Amy tried to deny she had feelings for the Owner, Tamaki jokingly tried to infer she had a great story about the Owner. After Amy agreed to work with them and offering "nondisclosure agreements" for future interactions, Tamaki was all too willing to take her up on the offer.


Helena introduced herself to Amy shortly after Tamaki, making clear she and Tamaki were to act as escorts for her, while also telling off Tamaki for failing to moderate herself in front of Amy. She then went to a seat with Amy at Tamaki's choosing, presumably telling her about her being DOATEC's CEO during this time. When Amy denied feelings for the Owner, Helena suspected that wasn't actually the case, and similar to Tamaki also jokingly suggested she had a good story about the Owner.


Dead or Alive appearances[]

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Amy throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"So Jealous" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation



  • She is the sixth girl in Xtreme Venus Vacation to not have a known place of origin, after Luna, Fiona, Monica, Lobelia, and Elise. However, the laptop she utilizes has the AZERTY keyboard design, a layout mainly used in France and Belgium.
    • On a similar note, similar to Elise, the Katakana in her name implies that her name utilized the French pronunciation.
  • She is the fifth girl in Xtreme Venus Vacation to not utilize honorifics when addressing the Owner, after Misaki, Nanami, Elise, and Tina, and the third to not be Japanese, after Elise and Tina.
  • She is the second add-on girl to be announced during a livestream, after Tsukushi. Similarly, both characters do not initially agree to do the Venus Festival in their first character episode and only do so in their second under pressure (although in Amy's case, she doesn't even learn about the festival until the second episode).
  • Although certain characters such as NiCO and Luna were implied to have skipped ahead a few grades due to being at their professions at 18 years old, Amy is the first character to explicitly confirm she had skipped ahead several grades beforehand.
  • In an interview with GameWatch for the game's 4.5 anniversary, Sakuta gave some details behind Amy's creation. In particular, the staff had suggested she ought to utilize a variation of the Tsundere archetype, or as he put it, deretsun.[1]

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